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We are now launching our equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

You can now join us in our mission to combat climate change and provide clean energy and potable water to communities worldwide.

Wavepiston is now demonstrating its full-scale wave energy installation to produce electricity and desalinated water in Gran Canaria. After two successful rounds we now launch our third equity crowdfunding campaign through the Seedrs platform.

What is the purpose of this equity round?

This equity raise is to further demonstrate and commercialise Wavepiston revolutionary wave energy technology. The €1.5M will be used to:

  • Demonstrate time-series of data from the full-scale system
  • Continue technology development
  • Develop commercial pilot wave farms

This will lead to a strategic partnership in 2025 with investor(s) and partners with a broad industry network and scaling experience from the offshore/renewables industry.

How can you invest?

Visit our campaign page on Seedrs, where you can join. Click here to learn more