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Why invest?

Wave energy is the next big renewable energy source.

Given its high predictability and stability, global availability, and unobtrusiveness. It will become equally important as wind and solar in the green transition with future electricity demand expected to grow 3x by 2050.

Why Wavepiston?

A winning proposition

​Wavepiston has the winning proposition to make wave energy a significant and integral part of the renewable energy transition.

Wavepiston is ready to scale and has ongoing dialogues toward 17 sold projects by 2030, leading the way to 1-2 bn EUR in revenue and 3.5-5.4 GW sold capacity by 2035.

View our annual reports here: 2022 report, 2021 report, 2020 report

If you’re interested in an investment opportunity or would like to know more then please get in touch.

Core principles

Foundations for success

Cost effective

– LCOE target of €39 per MWh by utility scale in an optimal wave climate

– Estimated cost of water desalination of €0.25 per m3 by 2035

– Cost reductions enabled by design optimisation and simplification, material choices, light-weight, scale benefits, and industrialisation

Physical principle

– Utilisation of the oscillating horizontal component of the wave motion at a series of points along a stationary, floating structure

– Patented concept based on the distinct features of force cancellation

Design choices

– Fully mechanical system that is simple and modular

– No active controls or electronics in the water

– Commodity materials and no scarce resources

– Fully submerged system for low visual intrusion

Tests & performance

2024: Two public grants in place for continued technology development on commercial version.

2023: 1:1 scale system deployed in Gran Canaria in a project consortium with Vryhof (NL), Enermed (IT) and Fiellberg (FI)

2019: 1:2 – 1:4 scale Wavepiston system in the North Sea testing in a project consortium with The Technical University of Denmark, Vryhof (NL) and Fiellberg (FI)