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Another successful grant application, this time the Eureka Network: Innowwide Call 2.

ExportBarbados (BIDC) and Wavepiston will perform a pre-feasibility study for the deployment of wave energy farms in the Atlantic waters of Barbados, under the acronym WEB (Wave Energy in Barbados).

Due to the diligent work by resources within the Export Barbados’ Inez Oceans Unit, we have managed to write a strong proposal and secured warm relations on the Island of Barbados.

Barbados has set ambitious goals for its green transition, going for net-zero by 2030. Like most islands in the Caribbean region, it cannot cover all its needs by wind and solar PV, other renewable energy sources are needed. Besides Barbados’ large need for renewables to lower its dependency and exposure to fossil fuel price shocks, the island is scarce of freshwater.

Barbados and most of the Caribbean region hold a large potential for wave energy.

We look forward to commencing the project in Q2 2024.